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We have observed that most client often use quotation from artisans to negotiate project cost.  As sweet as it may be to collate cost from different artisans, the problem that might later arise can be very enormous, the person in question might just have a little idea about the job and he also consult another person to help him generate a quote, thereby he now adds his own profit before presenting to the client, it could then be that after the project must have commenced, the contractor may come up with an excuse of under quoting  in order to get more money from the client, making the client understand that the cost of materials has gone up or the material is scarce.

However, quotation usually contains unnecessary items as a gimmick to increase the cost of the project by all means, most especially when dealing with artisans such as plumbers, you may see different items such as ¾ elbow, 1/2inch pipe, big gum, clips, 4inches pipes and so on, of course they know that you cannot understand it in any ways, thereby they make you spend unnecessarily. My question is how do you know if what they wrote is the actual quantities needed?  But when a bill comes from a professional that was trained all his life on costing, he gives you accurate cost of whatever component of your project.

The Quantity Surveyors are the ones saddled with the responsibility of quantifying any item relating to projects generally,  they save you the cost of being duped, because they have integrity, whatever cost they present, they defend it to the core because that is what they are trained for.

You may be thinking how can you afford their services, but I tell you, they are very affordable. Try and get one as a friend, he could render a free service depending on your relationship with him or her.

Advantages of QS estimate over quotation

1) A Qs estimate gives you almost exact quantity required for any projects

2) They help in controlling and monitoring the progress of work on your project.

3) They prepare comprehensive estimate with the types of exact materials to be used

4) If there is an additional costs they can be minimal, also the reason must be genuine.

5) They give room for you to question your contractor based on what is stated on black and white when you suspect any foul play.

7) They specify quality and type of materials to use unlike others.

A Qs estimates saves you money to any estimates you get from other building professionals like builder, architect, structural engineer or artisans